Friday, November 20, 2009

paper bag crafts

I was looking through a book of Holiday crafts with the 6 year old, and we came across this penguin potato print idea! Since we are all quite fond of penguins around here, I took the idea and tried to incorporate it with some found materials: sticks, paper bag, some yarn- plus acrylic paint and brushes to add the finishing details. We made 5 penguins, each representing a member of our family and tied them through holes we made with a hole punch! It looks really cute hanging on the wall in the living room and it was super easy to do:)
Keep creating!
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Secret

I just recently attended a Post Secret Show in my wonderful town and felt like it was worth a post. For those who aren't familiar with the Project, check out the website
or take a walk to your local library to flip through the books.

Frank Warren and his comforting, empathetic presence, shared with the audience his experiences while working on Post Secret, touching many not only by showing some of his favorite secret post cards but also by providing the audience with an opportunity to share their own secrets, right then and there! At first, I felt uncomfortable with people going up to the microphone to share their most intimate experiences, until a woman came up to the mic to talk about her post-partum depression. The familiarity of her account hit me like a rock, and I began to listen to people who declared their love to members of the audience or admitted to be "scared shitless" of an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.
The liberating power of releasing these secrets, as put by Frank Warren, can open up a world of intimacy when shared with a loved one; or perhaps have the function of comforting a complete stranger who may be going through similar challenges- the latter, one of the reasons for the popularity of the project.
From my perspective, the courage in being vulnerable allows people to become empathic with one another, and it releases us from feeling so inadequate in a world that constantly seeks to achieve perfection. Feelings of despair, shame and guilt experienced by all humans can be life giving when shared.
What does not kill us makes us stronger and it can make others stronger too.
Thanks for reading!