Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am beginning to like the sound of this!

Lately some things have clicked in my mind about crafting. I love making stuff for kids (especially girls, but hoping to expand to boys too soon); although the line that separates fine art and craft still makes a buzz in my ear from time to time,
I've decided to gear my Etsy Shop to Children's ART and Accessories. Making this stuff makes me feel great, and it provides a whole new avenue for expression. I think it can only do good things for my future fine art endeavors, rather than harm them, as I had previously assumed. The frame of mind that I put myself into while making kids crafts is incredibly energizing. Being immersed into a world of color, beauty and fantasy inevitably gives me a more positive outlook and a different perspective not only in art but in life as well.
As I write this, words like fullfillment, joy and satisfaction come to mind, and I become amazingly humbled to know that these are the things God knew I needed in my life! How amazing are the gifts and their amazing power to heal and renew.

Thanks for reading!