Friday, October 30, 2009

The Story of Stuff

"Bella and the caterpillar" Photographed by Erik (the husband)
Even though my latest posts have focused on homemaking and family life, sometimes even sounding self-indulgent, a lot of contemplation has taken place in my home in regards to the bigger picture, and how our presence in the world today will impact what we leave behind.
This is no news, the debate is going on everywhere and I just hope to be able to somehow continue with the conviction that a family can take steps to become closer and more loving, without becoming self-centered.
I truly believe we can inspire a sense of community responsibility in our children if we are cognizant of our own duty. To us, this means reading more, talking more, cooking, crafting, listening to music, asking questions and becoming involved in community... Caring for one another at home makes it easier to care for the world outside, its people, animals and resources. It means not having the tv on (maybe once or twice on the weekends for movies), it means NOT going to stores when we are bored, and doing whatever we can to be outside in nature.
The reality is that this way of living simply, taking the focus AWAY from consumption, makes a lot of impact- we have seen a huge difference in the way our family thinks and acts because of it.
We are conditioned by society to become Slaves of Consumption, and it becomes easy to push aside concepts like conservation, reusage, and community building.
I would go as far as saying that a holistic approach to life can lessen the individualistic tendencies that poison us. With that said, I am posting a link to the "Story of Stuff" video (the international web site so you can have subtitles in many other languages.) Please watch, it is soooo worth it!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

good is here

"Walk in the Woods" photographed by allypye

Hello everyone! I've missed blogging for the past couple of weeks, so busy with life, there isn't time to just sit and decompress... I think I am finally getting out of the rut from just before my birthday last month. I have begun to exercise often and am being diligent about taking my supplements.
Old friends came back into my life when I thought I'd lost them forever and new possibilities arise at the end of this intensely burdened year. There is so much beauty in what is beyond my understanding, and I can't help but to feel so blessed by the changes that have taken place when they were most needed.
It is interesting to look at personal growth from the perspective of now, and admitting my shortcomings and imperfections push me on a direction of self acceptance; there is so much that is wrong, but so much that is right too! I am just so glad for today, for the wonderful ability of the universe to wash away the debris on the shore, wave by wave.
Getting to know myself better is exciting, even when it doesn't fit the mold; I am who I am now but ready to change tomorrow, because nothing in me is motionless or inert; Within each of us there are hundreds of others, and that's just how it should be!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homemade Halloween

MY favorite month ever!!! Not growing up having Halloween sure makes a kid out of me in the early Fall! I love everything about it, the costumes, trick or treating, hay rides, apple cider, pumpkin carving, and... the chance it gives me to be CREATIVE on my own and with the kids! This year money is SUPER tight, so I have had to come up with frugal ways of decorating and re-using stuff that I have around the house...I would love more ideas for Halloween crafts, so if you have any, let me know...

My little love (the 6 year old) and I making a Spooky Scene on a shoe box lid and threading leaves gathered from our neighborhood. Going outdoors for supplies is one of my favorite things to do, since it gets them to see beauty in places never before imagined. Plus, it gives us a chance to say hello to the neighbors...

Other stuff:

Hanging Halloween Scene: I finished this one last week and it was so much fun! Probably two or three hours from beginning to end and pretty much the same procedure as the little pillow (see below) with the exception of the batting;

Little Ghost Pillow: I love this little guy!

  • Felt, Embroidery floss, Ribbon, Quilt Batting and Felt Glue. So easy, and you can be done in a couple of hours.

  • Just get some felt and draw the patterns with a sharpie pen, cut them out and glue you scene on the felt piece that will be sewn into the pillow; then sew three sides of the 81/2 x 11 felt sheet and stuff it with the batting; sew the little pillow shut and add embellishment stitches with the embroidery floss.DONE!

Pumpkin Mosaic: Did this one with the three year old last week.

  • All it takes is some construction paper, a glue stick, some crayons, ribbon and a hole punch.

  • Draw a simple outline of a pumpkin on a piece of paper and let your child go nuts with the ripping and tearing; glue the pieces on and add the details with crayons! We did this after reading the book "Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden"

Little Ghosts: These little ghosts were done by my boys last year, but they are in great shape, so I am putting them up again:

  • You need round circles of white tulle (dollar store), tissues (yeah, like Kleenex), a black marker, small Styrofoam balls (other more environmentally friendly option would be better, but that's what I had), black pipe cleaners. I thought it would be cute to add ribbons to the necks but I didn't have any at the time so they are tied with black string.
  • To make them, just cover each ball with one or two sheets of tissue paper, draw the eyes with the marker and cover it with the tulle. Stick the pipe cleaner through the little ghost's head and make a loop at the top for hanging.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

beijos, allypye

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy day play...

It has been raining all day today, I am feeling a bit moody and without much motivation to take on a full art piece, but I can feel my soul craving, begging me to do something creative...I decided to do something small, and came up with a couple of little barrettes for my Bella Boo (the three year old). I love working small on paper, but these little hair pins became more of a challenge than I thought!
I give all the props for the people that do this full time check out some of my favorites:
Hope everyone is having a great weekend and remember to keep those creative juices flowing...
thanks for reading

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Birthday Presents

About two weeks ago I turned 31. This is the first time I have actually written about it, so I must take a minute to let it soak in...

Okay, I'm good now.
Anyway, I wanted to share my birthday presents with you! I think they say a lot about where my interests are at this point in my life; Hope you like them...

Boots: I love these! They make me feel pretty and powerful all at once! Who does not need that every once in a while?

Book # 1: Beautiful book, I absolutely LOVE the ideas here!

Messenger Bag: Kohls rocks my world! This brand (AXCESS), is my favorite!

Real Simple Mag Subscription: If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I was happy about this one...

JULIA, oh, JULIA!! The missing piece to my love affair with the movie and the book; So far I have only chopped veggies "Julia Style", didn't go so well but I will keep practicing!

Soldering Iron: I cannot wait to get started on some mixed media stuff with this heat machine!

Book #2: A while ago I had a post on this book. Beautiful and Inspiring, now it is mine:)

That is about it! I also had a really great dinner and a movie date with my partner in life and actually, that was the best part of it all! Hope your next birthday is wonderful! You deserve it!